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2 languages in the same time

Hey! I want to study Hungarian at university. My native language is Polish, I know English at B2 level. Here's my question:
I know that learning Hungarian will take a plenty of time, but I would like to learn Spanish in the same time - I don't know anything in Spanish nor Hungarian yet, so I will start from basics. My main aim is to: improve my English to C1 level, learn Spanish to B1/2 level (in 3 years), learn Hungarian C1 (3+2 years at university).
Am I able to spend my almost all time Hungarian and additionaly Spanish in the meantime? Or maybe it'd be better to focus only on Hungarian and after one year take up Spanish? I have few months until I begin my studies so I want to start now with learning some language - I've already started with Spanish for only myself - it could help me to continue learning it freely while I would begin studying Hungarian from basics, right?
Please tell me what you think about it and give some advice, greetings.

14 September, 2018 - 11:43
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I tried to it and found it so difficult I just had to drop one. When learning a language, you take time learning words, constructing them, listening to others speak them and trying to translate. That's a lot of work for one language, so when doing it for two, especially with no experience learning languages, that's tooooo much for one brain. It needs too to familiarize with a language, speak and understand, the grammar, construction, usage,etc. I highly recommend to just learn one, after that go for the other.

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