3rd Spanish Open Memory Championship, 2016

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From the event page:


As this is an open competition foreign competitors may also compete.

The competition is ideal for beginners to learn what memory championships are all about, and to meet other memory athletes.


  • 15 Min Random Words
  • 30 Min Binary
  • 15 Min Names and Faces
  • 30 Min Numbers
  • 30 Min Cards
  • 5 Min Numbers
  • 15 Min Images
  • 5 Min Historic Dates
  • Spoken Numbers
  • 5 Min Cards

Registrations will be opened in the next days.

Papers will be available in Spanish and English. If a translation is required, please let us know by September 25th.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/517005261832141/

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Train & Compete

Competition Info

Start date:October 22, 2016
End date:October 23, 2016
Competition format:Unknown