2019 WMSC Indian Open Memory Championship

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From the event description for the 10th Indian National Open Memory Championships:


The Indian Open National Memory Championship- 2019 will be organized under the following categories :

  • Kids: Age 12 years or under. Born in 2007 or after
  • Junior: Age 13 to 17 years. Born 2001 – 2006
  • Adults: Age 18 to 59 years. Born 1959 – 2000
  • Senior: Age 60 years and above. Born before 1959


There will be overall 10 disciplines for winning the Memory Championships:

  • Memorising Names and Faces
  • Memorising Binary Numbers
  • Memorising Random Numbers
  • Memorising Abstract Images
  • Memorising Speed Numbers
  • Memorising Historic / Future Dates
  • Memorising Random Playing Cards
  • Memorising Random Words
  • Memorising Spoken Numbers
  • Memorising Speed Cards

There will be marks allotted for each discipline. The Memory Athlete with the highest overall score of these 10 disciplines will be declared as the Indian Memory Champion.

"10th Indian National Open Memory Championships 2019 – 12th and 13th October, 2019, Bengaluru" [Bangalore]

Location: SJC Institute of Technology, B.B.Road, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka, India

Organizer: National Memory Council of India

Tickets: 6000 INR (tickets)

More info: link

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Train & Compete

Competition Info

Start date:October 12, 2019
End date:October 13, 2019
Competition format:WMSC