2019 French Open Memory Championship

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The 2019 French Open Memory Championship is organized by Thuillier Françoise.

The fourth installment of the French Memory Open Championships will take place on the 12th and 13th of October 2019 at the ENSEA (Engineering School of Electronics and Telecommunications of which the current french champion, Sylvain Arvidieu is a graduate) in Cergy-Pontoise, north-west of Paris. The competition will be in an IAM National format and will be overseen by Francoise-Marie Thuillier, the main organizer and Idriz Zogaj, the arbiter in chief.

As was the case in a number of recent competitions, the memorization will be done on paper and the recall will be performed digitally (using the www.standard-memory.com site) for all the disciplines apart from Speed Cards. The modalities of registration and the entry fee will be announced before late. The competition is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience, whether you're there to break records, advance in the world rankings, a total beginner looking to get inspired by discussing with the French National team members (who scored a silver medal in the rankings by nations at the past World Championships in Vienna) and other international competitors or talk hippocampus-hacking all weekend long with like-minded mnemonists. Feel free to contact the IAM in case you have any questions about this particular event or memory training for competitions in general. À bientôt !

Event list (IAM national format);

  • 5-minute Speed Numbers
  • 15-minute Numbers
  • 5-minute Binaries
  • 5-minute Dates
  • Spoken Numbers
  • 5-minute Speed Cards
  • 10-minute Cards
  • 5-minute Images
  • 5-minute Names and Faces
  • 5-minute Words

Registration fees / Prix d'inscription :

Students, under-18 or first-timer: 50€ Adults: 80€

Étudiants, moins de 18 ans ou première participation à un championnat de mémoire : 50€ Adultes : 80€

Event listing: iam-memory.org

Location: ENSEA, Cergy-Pontoise, France

Tickets: 50€-80€ EUR (tickets)

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Competition Info

Start date:October 12, 2019
End date:October 13, 2019
Competition format:IAM