2018 Mental Calculation World Cup, Wolfsburg, Germany

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Friday, September 28, 2018 to Sunday, September 30, 2018
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8th Mental Calculation World Cup 2018

Hi all. This is a post regarding the Mental Calculation World Cup 2018 . This competition's general information is taken from an official post in Yahoo's Mental Calculation Group posted yesterday by the competition's organizer, Dr. Ralf Laue. The official announcement was made in : Yahoo Mental Calculation Group (1200+ members there, since 2002)

Mental calculators from all over the world are invited to the 8th Mental Calculation World Cup 2018. The Mental Calculation World Cup 2018 will be held in Wolfsburg, Germany

Venue: Science Centre Phaeno (http://www.phaeno.de)

Date: 28-30 September 2018

Contest Details:
Calculators will have to solve tasks in different categories (addition,
multiplication, extracting roots, day-of-the-week calculations) and
various surprise tasks. Only strict mental calculation (no tools, no writing down of intermediate results) is allowed.

There will be several titles and trophies for the best participants.
In particular, the MEMORIAD Association will sponsor free flights to the
MEMORIAD 2020 competition (planned to be held in Dubai, UAE)
(http://www.memoriad.com) for the winners in the categories addition,
multiplication, square roots and calendar calculation as well for the
winner of the combination. (does not apply for participants who are not allowed to enter MEMORIAD contests according to decisions of the MEMORIAD Association).

The registration form can be found on the MCWC web site

Calculators who already took part at a previous MCWC event are welcome to send the application form by e-mail to [email protected]. First-time participants please download the entry form on the MCWC web site. Please send it by airmail together with the documentation that is necessary for qualification to the address given in the form. Please note that we have a tough qualification (with usually far more than 40 people registering). Calculators who took part in one of the
previous years may want to send additional documentation about their
recent results in the same way as the first-timers (by airmail with all
the paperwork) in order to have better chances in the qualification.

Deadline for Registrations: 1 June 2018
You can help us with the organization if you register soon.

The number of participants is limited to 40. If more people register for
the event, the organizer will select the participants who qualify. For
this purpose, information about previous results at mental calculation
events (achieved in the past ten years), other mental sports contests
and verified achievements with the Memoriad software
(http://memoriad.com/memoriadsoftware.asp) are taken into consideration. The results achieved should be documented (category, number of correct answers, time) and sent together with the application form. These results must be confirmed by a witness with some background in mental calculation (for example a maths teacher or a university researcher who works in a field close to mathematics).

Organizational stuff:
There is no entry fee, but participants have to pay their travel
expenses. We will publish hotel recommendations soon enough on the MCWC web site.

Please contact us soon enough if you need a formal invitation letter for
visa purposes. Keep in mind that in some countries visa formalities can
take a long time!

More information can be found on the web site:

If you have any questions on the MCWC, please contact me at
[email protected].

I am looking forward to meet the world's best calculators in Wolfsburg!

Ralf Laue

6 June, 2018 - 08:54
Joined: 3 years 10 months ago

New post in Yahoo's Mental Calculation Group from the event's organizer about the 40 finalists of the Mental Calculation World Cup 2018 taking place in Wolfsburg, Germany (28-30 September 2018) :


For the Mental Calculation World Cup 2018, we got a record number of 78 registrations from 22 countries. One registration has been withdrawn, so the 40 starters had to be selected from 77 registered calculators. All those who have applied should have already received a notification e-mail. In addition to the 40 qualified starters, there are a few "backup" starters that can replace others in case that some of the qualified calculators are unable to attend. Those "backup starters" have also been informed. And here are the names of the qualified participants who will be invited to the Mental Calculation World Cup 2018 in Wolfsburg (in no particular order):

Shashank Jain (India)
Maitri Maniar (India)
Gunishka Jain (India)
Mishti Shah (India)
Jinansh Dedhia (India)
Nandini Garg (India)
Daniel Timms (Great Britain)
Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash (India)
Alberto Rodriguez (Spain)
Kenneth Wilshire (Great Britain)
Mohammed Seghir Said (Algeria)
Sreenidhi Neermanvi (India)
Tomohiro Iseda (Japan)
Hiroto Ihara (Japan)
Arsen Rakhymbekov (Kyrgyzstan)
Nodas Boukovalas (Greece)
Andy Robertshaw (Great Britain)
Erich Prem (Austria)
Jean-Jacques Bruyant (France)
Milana Kowalewa (Russia)
Georgi Georgiev (Bulgaria)
Freddis Reyes Hernandez (Cuba)
Wenzel Grüß (Germany)
Jean Béland (Canada)
Andreas Berger (Germany)
Samuel Engel (USA)
Granth Thakkar (India)
Ali Bayat Movahhed (Iran)
Robert Fountain (Great Britain)
Pascal Kaul (Switzerland)
Jeonghee Lee (South Korea)
Martin Drees (Germany)
Arturo Mendoza (Peru)
Jamshaid Aslam (Pakistan)
Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain)
Bjoern Gumboldt (Germany)
George Lane (Great Britain)
Tina Bauer (Germany)
Hakim Belouad (Algeria)
Angel Mejía (Dominican Republic)

In the next weeks, more information about the event will be sent to all participants by e-mail. I am looking forward to meet many of the world's best calculators in September in Wolfsburg.

Kind Regards,

11 September, 2018 - 08:42
Joined: 3 years 10 months ago

I read here about the updated list of MCWC 2018 participants, which was formed recently:

Apparently, there were a few cancellations of the Genius Kid team from Mumbai. But there are plenty of experienced runner-ups summoned in order to make the new final list of around 40 participants. (from 21 countries so far)

The new list is here:


Algeria: Hakim Belouad, Mohammed Seghir Said
Austria: Erich Prem
Bulgaria: Georgi Georgiev
Canada: Jean Béland
Cuba: Freddis Reyes Hernandez
Dominican Republic: Angel Mejía
France: Jean-Jacques Bruyant
Germany: Alexander Drygalla, Andreas Berger, Bjoern Gumboldt, Christopher Beeg, Dirk Ewers , Martin Drees, Tina Bauer, Wenzel Grüß
Greece: Nodas Boukovalas
India: Granth Thakkar , Hetansh, Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, Sreenidhi Neermanvi
Iran: Ali Bayat Movahhed
Japan: Hiroto Ihara, Takuma Osaka, Tomohiro Iseda
Kyrgyzstan: Arsen Rakhymbekov
Pakistan: Jamshaid Aslam
Peru: Arturo Mendoza
Russia: Milana Kowalewa
South Korea: Jeonghee Lee
Spain: Alberto Rodriguez, Marc Jornet Sanz
Switzerland: Pascal Kaul
United Kingdom: Andy Robertshaw, Daniel Timms, George Lane , Kenneth Wilshire, Robert Fountain
USA: Samuel Engel

1 October, 2018 - 11:29
Joined: 3 years 10 months ago

Results from the MCWC 2018 in Wolfsburg:
(the 2 numbers next to each competitor are the 1st and 2nd round scores, respectively)


1 Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain) : 71 and 71
2 Nodas Boukovalas (Greece) : 61 and 59
3 Tina Bauer (Germany) : 61 and 53


1 Jeonghee Lee (South Korea) : 30 and 30
2 Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) : 25 and 27
3 Osako Takuma (Japan) : 9 and 23


1 Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) : 20 and 18
2 Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain) : 6 and 18
3 Freddis Reyes Hernadez (Cuba) : 17 and 6


1 Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) : 42 and 37
2 Hiroto Ihara (Japan) : 40 and 31
3 Mohammad El Mir (Lebanon ) : 22 and 22

MOST VERSATILE CALCULATOR: (5 surprise tasks combined)

1 Wenzel Gruss (Germany) : 461.17
2 Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) : 333.91
3 Samuel Engel (USA) : 330.01

MEMORIAD TROPHY (the 4 main tasks combined: Calendars, Multiplications, Square Roots and Additions) :
Winner : Tomohiro Iseda (Japan)

COMBINATION RANKING: (10 tasks, for the overall winner of Mental Calculation World Cup 2018 ). The maximum is 1000 points, as usual:

1 Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) 757.18
2 Hiroto Ihara (Japan) 663.54
3 Wenzel Gruss (Germany) 593.80
4 Jeonghee Lee (South Korea) 525.79
5 Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain) 455.50
6 Samuel Engel (USA) 446.83
7 Mohammad El Mir (Lebanon) 416.15
8 Osako Takuma (Japan) 366.00
9 Alberto Rodríguez Alonso (Spain) 334.78
10 Martin Drees (Germany) 327.25
11 Robert Fountain (Great Britain) 311.38
12 Georgi Georgiev (Bulgaria ) 310.09
13 Freddis Reyes Hernadez (Cuba) 300.17
14 Nodas Boukovalas (Greece) 285.56
15 Daniel Timms (Great Britain) 285.30
16 Andrew Robertshaw (Great Britain) 270.47
17 Andreas Berger (Germany) 261.27
18 Tina Bauer (Germany) 248.25
19 Erich Prem (Austria) 218.52
20 Nandini Garg (India) 217.58
21 Pascal Kaul (Switzerland) 208.40
22 Hetansh (India) 177.93
23 Kenneth Wilshire (Great Britain) 166.01
24 Alexander Drygalla (Germany) 164.75
25 Jean-Jacques Bruyant (France) 147.25
26 Bjoern Gumboldt (Germany) 131.41
27 Dirk Ewers (Germany) 119.32
28 Aaryan Gupta (India) 113.40
29 Arsen Rakhymbekov (Kyrgyzstan) 58.71
30 Hakim Belouad (Algeria) 46.48
31 Sreenidhi Neermanvi (India) 40.87
32 Christopher Beeg (Germany) 31.56
33 Henni Walid (Algeria) 30.99

Note: All names are spelled in their latinised equivalent form.

New successful World Record attempts in Wolfsburg :

- Marc Jornet Sanz (Spain) - New WR in 8x8 multiplications, 10 tasks, all correct in 169.85"
- Jeonghee Lee (South Korea) - New WR in 10/5 divisions, 10 tasks all correct in 53.20"

Here is a group photo (outside the Phaeno venue) showing the (6 out of the total 11) Top-3 winners in some categories, holding our trophies for 2018:

https://i.imgur.com/32z8Laf.jpg (From left to right: Marc (Spain), Osako (Japan), Tomohiro (Japan), Hiroto (Japan), Freddis (Cuba), Nodas (Greece) )

All Top-3 winners in every category are shown in the photo above, except Sam Engel, Wenzel Gruss, Tina Bauer, Mohammad El Mir and Jeonghee Lee, who will appear in other photographs soon.

Congratulations to Tomohiro Iseda, the winner of Mental Calculation World Cup 2018.

I was also glad to improve in calendars, from my 3rd place in 2016 in Bielefeld, to my 2nd place now in 2018 in Wolfsburg.

It was a great competition. Thanks to all the organizers.


17 October, 2018 - 11:59
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The tasks of this competition can be found here:


2 November, 2018 - 17:27
Joined: 3 years 11 months ago

Thanks for the update. :)