2017 Tokyo Friendly Memory Championship

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Saturday, April 29, 2017 to Sunday, April 30, 2017
Competition Format: 
Foreigners allowed to compete?: 

This will be an open event that follows the IAM and AMSC National standard. This will be a two-day event.

We will hold the 4/29 and 4/30.

The champion of TFMC 2017 can attend free of charge to TFMC 2018.

The schedule of Competition
1st Day
10:30 meet at Venue
11:00 5min Names&Faces 15min Recall
11:35 5min Random Words 15min Recall
12:10 5min Binary Numbers 15min Recall
12:45 5min Fictional Dates 15min Recall
13:20 Lunch and Results(1st)
14:30 5min Speed Number(1st) 15min Recall
15:30 10min Playing Cards 30min Recall
16:30 Results(2nd)
16:45 5min Speed Number(2nd) 15min Recall
17:30 Finish 1st day of competitions
Night Results(3rd) via facebook pages

2nd Day
10:30 meet at Venue and Results(3rd)
11:00 15min Numbers 30min Recall
12:00 5min Images 15min Recall
12:35 Spoken Numbers 200 seconds 10min Recall
13:00 Lunch and Results(4th)
14:00 Results(5th)
14:10 Spoken Numbers 550 seconds 25min Recall
15:00 Speed Card(1st) 5min Recall
15:30 Speed Card(2nd) 5min Recall
16:15 Closing Ceremony
17:00 Get Together
18:00 Dinner Party
Papers will be available in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese. If a translation is required, please let us know by April 1st.

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