2017 Gothenburg Open Memory Competition (Memory League)

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From the website:

The Skandinavian Memory Open 2017 will take place in Gothenburg on the 13-14 of May as part of Vetenskapsfestivalen. The first day also comprises the Gothenburg Championships for the Swedish competitors living in and around Gothenburg. Pleace note that there are only 16 places avaliable. Competitors will be selected by rakning if necessary. Swedish and Skandinavian competitors have priority.

It is an ”open” memory competition in the sense that translations will be available only in Swedish and English. So, anyone is welcome to participate under these conditions. Swedish and Skandinaivan competitors have priority. So if you are from another country please ask us first priror to registration!

The competition is DIGITAL in the Memory League format. Please make sure you have an account and that you are familiar with the format.

Venue: Nordstan in centre of Gothenburg Event type: Memory League competition format

https://www.facebook.com/events/1757674217880723/ http://www.minnesforbundet.se/kontakt/gmo17/

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Competition Info

Start date:May 13, 2017
End date:May 14, 2017
Competition format:Memory League