2016 US Memory Open

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From the event page

The US Memory Open will return in the second year as the only fully rankable memory championship in the United States. It will be digital again, so please bring your Laptop (not a Netbook!). To avoid time conflicts it will be executed over two days. It will use the shorter National Standard with 5min Names, 10min Cards and 15min Numbers.

Information for all XMT 2016 competitors: This event is on the following weekend after the XMT and Los Angeles is nearby San Diego. That might be a good opportunity espescially for international athletes.

There will be medals for the age groups Adult and Junior (12-17). If we get at least three registrations from Children (under 12) or Seniors (over 60) respectively, there will be medals for these groups as well.

VISA invitation requests for Non-US memory athletes are available immediately.

The registration fee is $75. Payments can be done via PayPal using the following account:

[email protected]

Please add to your payment the following infos: your Name, your age category (if you are 17 but turn 18 this year, you will compete as an adult), your country citizenship and your language request for text based disciplines.

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Competition Info

Start date:July 2, 2016
End date:July 3, 2016
Competition format:Unknown