2016 Memoriad in Las Vegas

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Hi there.

I noticed there was not a competition entry here for Memoriad 2016 (in Las Vegas) , so I thought about adding one entry here so that everyone can post news and related information.

The registrations opened on 27-Apr.2016 in this page and the deadline will be on 30-June-2016 according to the announcement. (if you are interested, go the above page and press the application form) .

On the 'Free rooms tab', there is a list of around 280 competitors from around 57 different countries that have a place/room reserved in the competition in Las Vegas, if they book or have booked by 31-05-2016 (today midnight.) The Turkish time is GMT+2, (Istanbul, same timeline zone as in Greece) but I'm not sure about the exact hour of the deadline.

So, in case any competitor who is on that (free room) list and hasn't registered yet, there are a few hours left to get that hotel spot. But that's only the deadline for the hotel spots. Otherwise, the registration for all interested competitors will close on 30-June-2016 as the announcement says. There are more than 5 months left for this competition, which I find to be plenty of time for scheduling (at least for my case). In the previous one (Memoriad 2012) , the earlier we could registered was in Sep.'12 and we competed only 2 months later, in late Nov.'12.

About the categories and tasks , there are 14 categories this time, 4 more than the previous competition. There is a small registration fee of 15 $ per category.

There are 7 memory categories (most of them are also present in WMC) , then 6 mental calculation categories (most of them from MCWC) and 1 speed reading task. I think Speed Cards is the only category that coincides with the XMT format. The Names&Faces is longer than XMT, at 15 minutes, and most categories are either 10 or 15 minutes long.

The total money prizes (besides the titles and medals) are 38500$: allocated 1500$ for each Gold, 750$ for each Silver, and 500$ for each gold, hence 2750$ for each of the 14 categories

For more information and all rules, you can visit http://www.memoriad.com/ and read the announcement.

Regards, Nodas

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Start date:November 8, 2016
End date:November 10, 2016
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