Bitácora, 2018 Entry

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It has been a while since I made a last entry here. All that time I haven't formally practiced mnemotechnics, although the main loci techniques has always been useful (Memory Palace), as also has been the creation of outrageous, funny and witty images for mnemonics.

I think I'll go back and forth in my number's memory palace to freshen it up (I haven't had a need for it in a long time), which I used with a PAOT System (person, action, object and tool) but this time I'll add a background of sorts in the action part, something similar to Giordano Bruno's wheels. This PAOT System I have in a Skyrim map (a videogame map I used for Memory Palace), and that game's map is pretty big, one could store there an almost inexhaustible amount of information.

Maybe in my next entry I'll explain how all that goes, and also what I've done mnemotechnically in the past couple of years... well, not much formally, but I've found some workarounds for my mnemotechnic lazyness, especially for remembering phone numbers in case my smartphone fails!