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Day 3

I didn't do any memorising today, as my depression was really bad.

Looking over my current image system for cards, it occurs to me that most of these don't really relate very well. I might switch to the Dominic system actually; however that leaves the question of the Jacks, Queens, and Kings...

Day 2

I failed both attempts today, which was pretty discouraging. However, I've set up a PAO system for the cards that I'm going to start learning, so hopefully I should be more accurate in the future.

I might also work on a memory palace for permanent things as well, based around Super Mario 64. I know that game better than some of the houses I've lived in, so hopefully it'll be a good choice. Maybe I'll even make a nested memory palace... hmm.

Day 1

I figure I might as well start somewhere.

Today I timed myself with a deck of cards for the first time (third attempt overall), and successfully memorised it in 9:49.76. I'm quite astonished I made it under 10 minutes, and it's really encouraging, although I didn't time recall.

My main issue wasn't creating the images or remembering what card came next in recall, it was just trying to remember what card goes to what image in memorising. I had a lot of trouble memorising the 4 of clubs, simply because I couldn't remember the image of a car.

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