Post #5.Pi number national record (Ukraine). 3 102 left

Hello everybody.

Main part

Today I called to Ukrainian National register of records. They said that if I want them to register my record firstly I need to make a video where I will make it. That mean that it is in my interest to increase my recall speed.
Now I know all about organization part.
To beat a record I need to memorize 3 102 digits more.


Yesterday I said that I will memorize 2k of numbers. So, I didn’t made it! I discovered that concentration during night not constant thing. My memorization speed was lower than I expected so I decided to sleep.
On the next day, I found that my low memorization speed was caused more by low quality of my memory palace (I’m making new one straight before using it) and that’s why I couldn’t concentrate very well.

Also, I tried to use just my smartphone for memorizing pi digits. Good try. Speed has decreased but that because of some factors.

• Sitting at chair for hours is more comfortable than sitting on the grass ( I mentioned before that I will try to “learn” outside).
• I was spending much more time to remember which image I have for number. At my laptop, I always have excel file with 1000 system. As I mentioned before I didn't spend enough time to master my 3-digit system.

As a conclusion: 1 > 0 . I will use my laptop when its possible. If not – smartphone will go in action.

P.S. I have funny feeling about moment when I will start repeating all digits.

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