Post #3. Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

What’s up everybody.
Right now, I memorized 5 k of pi and today plan to memorize 2 k more.
I will try to make this post short and easy to read.
• I became faster at memorizing numbers and, as a result, there is more time to memorize more.
• I plan to make some beautiful graphs of my results.
• I made a request to Ukrainian National register of records. Now waiting for response.
• I discovered that Russian record of Pi memorization is 13 183 (was made by retired lieutenant-colonel 71 years old.). After that I started to think that it will be better to beat this record as well.
• My recall speed became better but at the same time it’s not something incredible – I spend 27-32 minutes for one thousand. Disgusting.
That’s it. More next time. Happy to hear some feedback. ( Also if I have some written mistakes – you can tell me ).

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