My major system

Hey all,
Here are all my major system images so far.
I modified the major system somewhat, most notable difference being switching 5 and 7.
7 just looked like L, so it felt better. If I was doing it over, 5 would probably be f and v.
1-T/D 2-N 3-M 4-R 5-C/K 6-G 7-L 8-F/V 9-P/B 0-S/Z

All of my images fit my system. There are no anomalies. For people, first MS consonant of first and second name. If they only have one name, ie snape, its the first 2 ms consonants. Actions- first 2 ms consonants. Objets same. All my 0-9 start with H, and all my .0 to .9 start with J. The only thing I sort of cheated on is .0- Juss. I couldn't find any objects that started with J and had only s or z as the other consonant. Juss-Juice.

I started making a full pao for 0-9 but realized it was unnecessary. If I ever use 0-9, its at the end of a long number.

Hope this helps some people fill in gaps and such.

Here it is if you want to view it in a table.

Skylar White Sits Stairs 1- Head
Snape Snaps Snake 2- Honey
Superman Smashes Smog(black) 3- Ham
Spencer Reed Shreeks Shrooms 4- Hare(rabbit)
Sheldon Cooper Sucks Sucker 5- Hockey
Saul Goodman Sags Segway 6- Hag
Sherlock Holmes Slides Slime(pink) 7- Hail
Sawyer Ford Shaves Safe 8- Hoof
Jesse Pinkman Spins Spine 9- Hoop
Taylor Swift Tosses Tusks 0- Hose
Adolf Hitler Died Tits
Edward Norton Dances DNA .1- Jade
Dexter Morgan Times Tummy .2- Jeans
Trinity Tears(Rips apart) Tree .3- Jam
The Joker Tokes(smokes) Dick .4- Jar
Dave Grahl Digs Dagger .5- Jack
The Hulk Delivers Television .6- Jag
Tim Ferris Defecates Dove .7- Jelly
Danny Phantom Dips Tube .8- Jeff
Nick Sparks Noses Noose .9- Jeep
John Doe Nets Noodles .0- Juss(Juice)
Indiana Jones Annihilates Neon
Invisible Woman Numbers Nymph
Neil Armstrong Nears Nerve
Angel Claudio Naked Nuke
Nancy Grace Neighs Nugget
Neville Longbottom Nails Nail
Norma Varden Navigates(points) Navy(cap)
Angel Batista Napping Napalm
Marla Singer Masturbates Moose
Human Torch Meets Mattress
Mr. Anderson Moons Mane
Marshall Mathers Mummifies Mammoth
Morpheus Marks(x) Marbles
Mark Cuban Maces Machete
Magneto Magnifies Magnet
Martin Luther Milks Mallet
Morgan Freeman Moves(pushes) Movie
Emily Prentis Mops Mop
Arnold Schwarzenegger Rush(into) Rust
Riddick Rates(sign) Root
Robby Novak Rains Rune
Iron Man Rams(horns) Armadillo
Ryan Renolds Roars Error
Ronnie Coleman Racks(hanger) Rock
Hermione Granger Rages Rug
Howard Wolowitz Rolls Roll($)
Raven Referees Raft
Harry Potter Raps Rope
Jack Shephard Kisses Kiss(Hershey)
Christopher Hitchens Cuts Kitten
Criss Angel Cannibalizes Cane
Captain America Cums Camera
Clockwork Orange Cries Curry
King Kong Kicks Chicken
King Gordy Cages Keg
King Leonidas Clings onto Clay(statue)
Kim Fields Cuffs Cuffs
Charlie Pace Caps(pistol) Cab
Gus Gases Gas
George Takei Goads Gate
Gandalf Guns(Rifle) Gauntlet
Agamemnon Gums Gum
Ghost Rider Gyrates Giraffe
George Carlin Gawks! Gecko
Green Goblin Googles Gag
Gollum Golfs Golf Club
God Of War Gives Goffer
George Patton Goops Goop(green)
Luke Skywalker Lassoes Lasagna
Walter White Loots Ladder
Albert Einstein Leans on Lens
Lizard Man Laments Lamb
Lil Romeo Lures Lure
Louis CK Looks at Lacunae
Logan Logs Log
Luna Lovegood LOL's Lily
Leonard Hofstadter Leaves Loffah
Hell Boy Leaps Lab
Frank Sinatra Vests Vest
Avatar Feeds Foot
Fiona Fans Fan
FireMan Foams Female(mini)
Frankenstein Fears Ferrari
Freddy Krueger Vaccinates Facemask
Vaidas Gineitas Fogs Foghorn
Faizon Love Flicks off Falcon
Fred Flinstone Faves Fava
Frodo Baggins Vaporizes Fabric
Patrick Star Pisses Piss
Pusha T Bats Bat
Bane Bonds to Bandaid
Bob Marley Beams Bomb
Paris Bores Beer
Obiwan Kenobi Books Book
Bill Gates Bags Bag
Ben Linus Balls up Bell
Proffesor Xavier Puffing Puffyfish
Brad Pitt Pebbling Pebbles
Sylvester Stallone Hisses Zeus

Notes: Delivers as in gives birth to. Vaporizes with a laser burst(produces smoke) while annihilates with a wave of hand. Fogs as in wipes fog off of( or just moisture), Cannibalizes as in eats in a crazy way. Googles as in binoculars.

2 February, 2014 - 23:42
Joined: 6 years 4 months ago

Nice job using phonetics on all components. I am not so fond initial style on person names. I would just use the next Major letter in the first name.

4 February, 2014 - 19:37
Joined: 4 years 4 months ago

Thanks for responding Octaveslur. It would be better to use it as you suggest, would be way easier to guess the right name if you forgot it, when you are first starting. These are pretty deeply ingrained though, especially the people, that it's almost instantaneous recognition. Seems like there is more flexibility with the way I did it though. Easier to find names with specific initials than just first or last names that have some.


15 April, 2015 - 14:07
Joined: 2 years 11 months ago

It seems the file or link got lost in the upgrade process. Could you please repost it?

17 April, 2015 - 10:00
Joined: 3 years 1 day ago

Sorry about that. It's back now.

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