How To Practice Memory Techniques: Creating Stories Exercise

This exercise is going to help increase your creativity and imagination. You need to be able to quickly come up with images for the information you are trying to remember. Imagination and creativity helps you come up with images a lot of faster. This exercise is really fun and probably one of my favorites because I get to create weird and... Read more


An Updated Beginner's Guide to Mullen Memory

Ever wondered about the best way to go through Mullen Memory's content? For any mnemonic beginners looking to add memory techniques to their learning strategy, here's an updated beginner's guide to getting the most from our content: what videos to watch, when to watch them, how to go from zero to mnemonist.

Memory Challenge #19: Learning Historical Events

So many historical events have happened throughout time, and it's time to start learning some of those important events. This week's memory challenge has to do with learning major events that have happened in history. I know it may be debatable about which events were major, but widely accepted events like the moon landing. I hope.. Read more


Your Natural Memory Plays A Role Even With Memory Techniques

What role do you think your natural memory plays when you use memory techniques? Once people start using memory techniques, they think their natural memory doesn't play a huge part in remember. The reason for this is because the power of the memory techniques show memory techniques are the way to go. But your natural memory is... read more


Learning And Passing The MCAT: Being Able To Reason Is Key

I know I didn't do that fantastic on the MCAT, but I was able to get some questions correctly because I was doing one thing: Reasoning! If you can't reason, you won't do well on the MCAT at all. People focus on just learning the information without giving much thought to reasoning, but memory still plays a role. Here is how reasoning... Read more

Memory Challenge #18 Completed: Recalling Greek Alphabet

This was a fun and a bit difficult memory challenge because it was like I was learning a secret code and some of the symbols didn't match the letters. Talking about secret codes, there is a code at the end of the video. Can you decode it? Hopefully you had fun with this memory challenge, now you can write secret codes.....Read more


Learning How To Code With Memory Techniques

Imagine forgetting to place a comma and as a result a whole computer program didn't work. Well... welcome to the world of coding! It takes a lot of writing and coding in order for websites, apps, and programs to work. I have decided to learn how to code and see if memory techniques can help me learn to code a lot faster! I coded once and it was super frustrating when you forgot a comma and the program didn't work, but also you have a lot of commands and structures to remember. Let's see...

How To Memorize A Deck of Cards

Memorizing a deck of cards is the most famous memory demonstration of memory techniques! Most people have no idea on how to memorize a deck of cards and that's why this is a great party trick, but also a great exercise for your memory. You learn how to increase your memorization sped and how to picture images quickly which can be applied to any information you want to... read more

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