Memory Challenge #17 Completed: Recalling Logical Fallacies

Now I remember how fun logical fallacies can be! Ever since I learned logical fallacies, I always see people or advertisements using them to try and prove a point. Logical fallacies make things more fun and interesting. But now you what time it is... Time to show you... read more


The MCAT Is...Back!

I am now ready to learn all the material in order to pass the MCAT! I don't plan to be a medical student or a student in college at all. I want to see if I can pass the MCAT with only using memory techniques and my current knowledge. I want to share with you the journey/progress as I go through the material. This is something no one has done who isn't going to the medical field. But I have to start at square one...

I made a video explaining what I am up to: Click here to watch.

Memorizing Names Memory Training: Week 2 Update

Week 2 started off fantastic! I managed to get to the next level in the training software, but the crazy part is I have only been training for 14 days ,and I managed to get a PB in those 14 days! Getting a better memory has nothing to do with training for hours upon hours a day. What I am doing, memorizing international names, is meant to show you how much you can improve ... Read more

The Holy Grail Of Memory: Insta Memory

Imagine this: Being able to memorize/learn everything you come in contact in without thinking about. How cool would this be? Would you learn all the information out there? This idea of insta memory sounds amazing, but the question is: Is it possible to have this type of memory? I talk about if... read more


Question of the Week: What are key strengths of using memory palaces as a learning tool? Why

We've tackled a new--albert very foundational--question this week, one we've been getting a lot of recently:

What are the key strengths of using palaces as a learning tool? Why palaces and not just images?

It's a bit long, so here's the link.

How To Practice Memory Techniques: Names Exercise Part 2

A couple weeks ago you learned a exercise to help you master remember names. Now it is time for part 2! I have another names exercise to share with you so remembering names will never be a problem for you again. This exercise is similar to the word exercise I showed you, but there is a bit of a twist when.. Read more


Build Mind Palace Like Library

Ever feel mind palace you built is collapsed? By the time you try to access it gone. When you don't need it appeared. By the time you revise this mind palace, you already lose too many time. Solve this by making Massive Library Mind(MLM)

I am a college student. By the time I write this entry, I had 8 subject in this semester. I don't want to waste time by learning this and had to cut my hobby time. My hobby was reading. I had many book to crammed to my head everyday. So how I can do all of this while still learning this important 8 subject for exam?

Super Brain Cow Challenge: How I Memorize Cow Patterns

Do you like cows? have you ever had to memorize cow patterns? I don't like cows any more because I had to memorize a lot of cow patterns! For my memory challenge on Super Brain, I had to memorize 100 cows and actually visited them on a Chinese farm. 2 to 3 weeks of my life consisted of looking at cow patterns. They even haunted my dreams! I want... Read more


DON'T Use Open Notes/Books On Tests/Quizzes

Have you ever had the option to use open notes/books on your tests or quizzes? You probably thought it was a sweet deal because if you didn't know anything, you could just look it up! It seems more and more schools are allowing their students to do this. You might think this is a good idea, but the truth is open notes/books are hurting students more than... Read more

Memory Challenge #17: Memorizing Logical Fallacies

Have you ever had an argument with someone and some of their points made no sense? Chances are they were using logical fallacies! Logical fallacies make arguments weak, but they are also fun to use if you can get away with it. Is there anything wrong with this statement: If you have a good memory, you are a genius! You will find out in... Read more

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