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Episode #2 On 最强大脑 ("The Brain" TV Show)

I was lucky enough to go back to China for another appearance on 最强大脑 ("The Brain" TV Show). Pretty nuts, it's like the #1 show there! Thank you to the producers for having me back! This time I was up against... get this... an artificial intelligence robot nicknamed "Xiao Du." The "Du" comes from its makers, the folks at Bai Du search engine (the Chinese equivalent of Google)... Read the full blog here

Post #5.Pi number national record (Ukraine). 3 102 left

Hello everybody.

Main part

Today I called to Ukrainian National register of records. They said that if I want them to register my record firstly I need to make a video where I will make it. That mean that it is in my interest to increase my recall speed.
Now I know all about organization part.
To beat a record I need to memorize 3 102 digits more.


Post #4.Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

Hi there.

Yesterday I said about my intend to memorize 2 k of pi in one day. But then I received a call from my childhood friend and we decided to meet. I wasn't able to use my laptop at the metro ( aka subway) while I was traveling to meet him. So, I downloaded file with numbers on my phone and guess what. It’s not so bad as expected. I mean in 2017 it’s easy to use your phone for study, even on the go. Of course, you can’t do some kind of work at your smartphone, but memorizing Pi number – not so bad.

Post #3. Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

What’s up everybody.
Right now, I memorized 5 k of pi and today plan to memorize 2 k more.
I will try to make this post short and easy to read.
• I became faster at memorizing numbers and, as a result, there is more time to memorize more.
• I plan to make some beautiful graphs of my results.
• I made a request to Ukrainian National register of records. Now waiting for response.

My Challenge on The Brain China TV Show

This past month I've twice had the privilege of traveling to Nanjing, China, to participate on The Brain TV show (known locally as 最强大脑, literally "the strongest brain"; also often referred to as Superbrain, the name of its German forebear). Prior to taping, a producer let me in on the little factoid that the show has 400M seasonal viewers, which didn't do great things for the nerves. Memory competitors have for years though been competing on The Brain, now in its fourth season, so I was excited to take part...

Post #2.Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

Hi everybody!
This post consists from 2 parts.
1st is about results.
2nd is a little story.

1st part
Right now, I remember 4000 numbers. I started few days ago.

How much you memorizing per day?
I memorizing 1 k at one day. But I plan to make a break for few days cos of some responsibilities.

Do you have enough memory palaces?
No. I making them from day to day (e.g. I just memorized 4k and I need a new one).

Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it! Post #1

What’s up everybody. Today is the day when I decided to beat a national record of pi number memorization (Ukrainian record).

Right now, it is 10 101 numbers.
How will I do it?

I will use memory palace and 1000 – number system that I just finished.
I know, I know, it will be better to play with a new system for a longer time, because then it will be faster to use it. But I can’t wait…

Level UP!

Have not updated for ages. But have been busy developing mind palaces and prioritising the information I want to remember. The main reason for posting is because I have reach Level 5 in the memorising numbers in Memory League. For some this may not be an enormous achievement but I have been trying for some time I'm very happy and felt it warranted a mention on my progress blog. Ewww! 30 numbers next.......the next progress blog entry for this could take some time! :-)

Learning Equations With Memory Techniques (Update)

I've updated our "learning equations" discussion over on the Tips page, so I wanted to share it here. Generally I avoid mnemonics when it comes to equations, but I've added an example of how I'd memorize 4/3 pi r^3 with memory techniques at the bottom.

How can I use memory techniques to learn equations?

Generally, I try to avoid "memorizing" equations. Again, the goal here is to learn efficiently by giving tangible meaning to what you're learning. In the case of equations, true understanding should be achievable, so memory techniques should generally take a backseat.