Question Of The Week: Do You Ever Erase Palaces?

Here's a question we've gotten a lot recently: Do you ever erase palaces or actively clean them of old images?

You might consider making an active effort to erase "ghost images"--images on loci you want to reuse. The short answer is that I never actively clean palaces, whether for memory sports or learning projects. For clarity, I'll split the discussion into those two parts:

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Episode #2 On 最强大脑 ("The Brain" TV Show)

I was lucky enough to go back to China for another appearance on 最强大脑 ("The Brain" TV Show). Pretty nuts, it's like the #1 show there! Thank you to the producers for having me back! This time I was up against... get this... an artificial intelligence robot nicknamed "Xiao Du." The "Du" comes from its makers, the folks at Bai Du search engine (the Chinese equivalent of Google)... Read the full blog here

Post #5.Pi number national record (Ukraine). 3 102 left

Hello everybody.

Main part

Today I called to Ukrainian National register of records. They said that if I want them to register my record firstly I need to make a video where I will make it. That mean that it is in my interest to increase my recall speed.
Now I know all about organization part.
To beat a record I need to memorize 3 102 digits more.


Post #4.Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

Hi there.

Yesterday I said about my intend to memorize 2 k of pi in one day. But then I received a call from my childhood friend and we decided to meet. I wasn't able to use my laptop at the metro ( aka subway) while I was traveling to meet him. So, I downloaded file with numbers on my phone and guess what. It’s not so bad as expected. I mean in 2017 it’s easy to use your phone for study, even on the go. Of course, you can’t do some kind of work at your smartphone, but memorizing Pi number – not so bad.

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