Interview With A Memory Expert: 2x World Memory Champion Wang Feng

I had the recent fortune of interviewing Wang Feng, a Chinese 2x world memory champion and the first non-European to win. He is a true legend in the memory sports world. We discuss his interest in memory techniques, his training habits and advice, his systems, and life after two world championships. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It's a big one! You can read it here.


New Anki decks


I've got a new Anki deck with images now, in an attempt to minimise subvocalizing. It even shows the link between the original images and their shadows. I haven't trained cards at all since the French championships. I started again this week after having collected most of my 1400 images and this approach seems to work well. More updates on this soon :)

Question Of The Week: Do You Ever Erase Palaces?

Here's a question we've gotten a lot recently: Do you ever erase palaces or actively clean them of old images?

You might consider making an active effort to erase "ghost images"--images on loci you want to reuse. The short answer is that I never actively clean palaces, whether for memory sports or learning projects. For clarity, I'll split the discussion into those two parts:

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