Level UP!

Have not updated for ages. But have been busy developing mind palaces and prioritising the information I want to remember. The main reason for posting is because I have reach Level 5 in the memorising numbers in Memory League. For some this may not be an enormous achievement but I have been trying for some time I'm very happy and felt it warranted a mention on my progress blog. Ewww! 30 numbers next.......the next progress blog entry for this could take some time! :-)

Learning Equations With Memory Techniques (Update)

I've updated our "learning equations" discussion over on the Tips page, so I wanted to share it here. Generally I avoid mnemonics when it comes to equations, but I've added an example of how I'd memorize 4/3 pi r^3 with memory techniques at the bottom.

How can I use memory techniques to learn equations?

Generally, I try to avoid "memorizing" equations. Again, the goal here is to learn efficiently by giving tangible meaning to what you're learning. In the case of equations, true understanding should be achievable, so memory techniques should generally take a backseat.

Find Your Learning Style

You might be learning information in a way that is not best suited for you. This is a big problem because you might start to get bored and not even pay attention to what you are learning. I got a great insight about learning when I was teaching the middle schoolers. I want to share this insight with you to help you learn... read more


Memory Challenge #20 Completed: Recalling Superheroes And Villians

Who would ever know the villain to Aquaman? It's Aquaman haha Well in this week's memory challenge, I learned a lot of villains and superheroes that I never knew existed. It was really fun to learn the villains that belonged to different heroes. I am now able to join conversations with people who... read more


Learning Chemistry Vocabulary/Understanding Ideas For Passing MCAT

In the chemistry section for the MCAT, you have a ton of information to learn and remember! I want to share with you some tips that will help you master the chemistry section on the MCAT. I go through some examples to show you how much of a difference it makes when you learn chemistry vocabulary... read more


How To Practice Memory Techniques: Creating Memory Palaces Exercise

How many memory palaces do you have? Chances are you might not have enough palaces or locations to store information. This is a problem! Not having memory palaces means you can't use the memory palace technique. Using a palace might be the best way to store the information you are learning and if you don't have a palace, you have to create one on the spot which... read more

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