Cards improvements [edited!]

I've been trying to learn my cards system better than ever before, mind you, it's still relatively new, so knowing it better on any given day than the day before is rather normal ... but, yeah, I've been putting in the hours. And it's paying off so far. Right beofre the french champs, I was at the minute mark and occasionally slightly under (58-59s) with a one-off at 52 seconds. Now I'm already regular at 55s and almost managed my first sub-50s.


Interview With A Memory Expert: 2x World Memory Champion Wang Feng

I had the recent fortune of interviewing Wang Feng, a Chinese 2x world memory champion and the first non-European to win. He is a true legend in the memory sports world. We discuss his interest in memory techniques, his training habits and advice, his systems, and life after two world championships. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It's a big one! You can read it here.


New Anki decks


I've got a new Anki deck with images now, in an attempt to minimise subvocalizing. It even shows the link between the original images and their shadows. I haven't trained cards at all since the French championships. I started again this week after having collected most of my 1400 images and this approach seems to work well. More updates on this soon :)

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