Mon Aug 28 22:17:27 NZST 2017

disclaimer this is not anything new it just an observation in that i've been using images as loci for about three days and what i've found is that using preexisting objects to use to launch me to the net locus is insainly useful e.g. apple rolling off a table or a hat gentally gliding down from a counter. a model aeroplane flying to or into were i want to go and the list goes on. so anyway just a quick

note to myself read the wikki more.

Thu Aug 17 20:57:05 NZST 2017

+ i learnt that you should not most of the time memorise whole books usless completely necessary
+ i have found that i can traverse loci faster using three techinques going throught the loci at
_ super speed picturing myself running goffly fast then looking at the sences from different angles then adding interesting shading.

Day 3

I didn't do any memorising today, as my depression was really bad.

Looking over my current image system for cards, it occurs to me that most of these don't really relate very well. I might switch to the Dominic system actually; however that leaves the question of the Jacks, Queens, and Kings...

Day 2

I failed both attempts today, which was pretty discouraging. However, I've set up a PAO system for the cards that I'm going to start learning, so hopefully I should be more accurate in the future.

I might also work on a memory palace for permanent things as well, based around Super Mario 64. I know that game better than some of the houses I've lived in, so hopefully it'll be a good choice. Maybe I'll even make a nested memory palace... hmm.

TODOs for 2017

- Come up with a semi-rigid (and lighter and smarter than now) training schedule for the duration of my parental leave, including:
a) memory drills (large visualization and linking reviews, speed runs)
b) dexterity drills (USE REAL CARDS!)
c) various attempts of the official disciplines

- Strenghten the links between Originals and Shadows for cards.

- Adding details & behaviors to the characters from my systems

- Think of pre-made specific interactions for all my loci

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