New Video: Putting the Chinese System Into Practice

In this new video, I discuss my memory palace-based mnemonics for learning Chinese vocabulary, as taken from the textbook Integrated Chinese Lesson 1 Part 2. Like in the recent English vocab/Memrise video, I walk through a learning session, focusing on examples and the different tools I use. This one builds on my earlier two blogs describing the system (links below), which I'd recommend reading before watching this. Hope you enjoy!

How To Practice Memory Techniques: Vocabulary Excercise

It doesn't matter what you are learning or studying because you will always come across new vocabulary words even if you read for fun! I have another 10 minute exercise to help you master the memory technique for vocabulary words, but you are going to be focusing on the definitions of the words. Definitions are complicated all by themselves. You will see what I mean when... Read more

Confidence Is The Key To Make Memory Techniques Work

When it comes to making memory techniques work, people come up with different reasons why memory techniques work: it depends on the person, practicing, learning all the techniques, or depends on the information. The truth is in order for memory techniques to work, it all starts with you! It has nothing to do with the memory... Read more


Memory Challenge #16: Memorizing Greek Gods

Chances are you probably learned something about Greek Mythology at one time or another. This is a main focus when you are talking about civilizations which Greek always pops up! I loved learning about all the different Gods because there were so many with different domains. That's why this week's memory challenge is about memorizing... Read More


Memory Challenge #15 Completed: Recalling The Main 15 Constellations

This week's memory challenge was really fun and challenging to do! The reason it was challenging is because I had to take into consideration that the constellations might be in different positions compared to where I am. But I am fairly confident I will be able to find the constellations or name the constellations if I see them in the sky! Get ready to hear some of my weird... read more

Memory Competition Questions #1: Why Should I Compete In Memory Competitions?

A lot of people who want to get into memory competitions have a lot of questions. I want to help people out so I am going to answer the questions to help people get a better idea about memory competitions. Also, I hope people join in on memory competitions because they are awesome! The first question people ask is: Why Should I Compete In Memory Competitions?

How To Memorize Equations

When you learn math and sciences, you have a lot of equations to deal with! Depending on what you are studying, these equations can get complicated and add up pretty fast. When I was studying calculus, we had to go into the tests knowing all the equations. If you didn't have a certain equation, you would of missed a whole problem! I want to share with you a method that will help you... read more

It Takes 15 Minutes A Day To Improve Your Memory: Memorizing Names Day 1

People think you have to put in a lot of time with memory techniques in order to improve your memory. How else can someone remember 27 names in 1 minute or learn the whole periodic table of elements in 30 minutes? But the truth is if you just practiced 15 minutes a day, you would still improve your memory drastically. I want to prove this to you so I am starting on a journey that will last 28 days... Read more

How To Forget Information

You might be thinking, "Why in the world would I want to forget information!" I know it might seem strange because you probably want to remember everyone's names you met, the information you are studying, where you place your keys, and pretty much everything! So why would you want to forget information? Well it actually turns out there are times when you want to forget information, and I am going to tell... Read more

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