Promoting the World Memory Championships in Guangzhou (VIDEO)

The World Memory Championships are happening right now in Guangzhou, China. The promotional video in Chinese is the best memory video I’ve seen.  Whoever made this video has great ideas about the potential of memory techniques.

EDIT:  The embedded video player isn’t working well at the moment, but you can click here to view the video in .mp4 format.

Even though I can’t understand what they’re saying, it looks like they are referring to the practical applications of memory techniques in fields like music, chemistry, and rocket science.

The first time I tried a memory technique (memorizing the order of black and red in a deck of cards) I was shocked by how well it worked.  Something that I previously might have considered impossible was accomplished with only minutes of work to learn the technique and memorize the data.

The first thing that came into my mind was, how did I get this far in life without ever hearing about these techniques?  I still can’t believe that millions of kids go through school without having these techniques to help them.

There are some countries where memory techniques are well-promoted, like the UK, Germany, and China. I think the US could benefit from the widespread promotion of memory techniques. I’m guessing that similar thoughts go through the minds of many people who take up memory training.