Working on Learning Portuguese

I’ve been so busy with work, that I haven’t started memorizing vocabulary yet, but here is my plan so far:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

  • After visiting many bookstores in the Bay Area, I finally found a used copy of a book called 201 Portuguese Verbs.  I just need to copy the verbs from the book into three columns on some paper and then place the images.
  • I realized that the verb groups in Portuguese are easily distinguishable by their suffixes (unlike Greek) and might not need separate locations for each verb group.  Keeping the verbs in separate areas might reduce errors though. Irregular verbs will probably have their own location.
  • I’m using the grammar book to learn basic prefixes, suffixes, and similarities with English.  There are rules about  similarities like, words that end with -tion in English often end with -ção in Portuguese.  So communication becomes comunicação.  I will group images for words with the same suffixes in the same area.  Comunicação and cooperação can be taking place during the decoração of the estação.  It should be easier to remember that way.
  • I ordered a set of Pimsleur Portuguese CDs for working on pronunciation and comprehension.

Photo of Rio de Janeiro © Andras Jancsik under Creative Commons license.