Videos of the 2010 World Memory Championships in Guangzhou, China

Yan linked to some videos of the World Memory Championships in Guangzhou. The videos are in Japanese, but there is a lot of footage.

Here are the videos:

“Neurons ready… Go!” 😀


  • Hehe.. Thanks a lot for posting the videos on your homepage! 🙂

    As you can see from the above videos, Wang Feng uses a two digits system with 2 images on one locus and not a five digit chinese system. Atleast I have not seen any proof of that. He has just trained a lot with this system.

    For 480 digits in 5 mins, he’ll need 120 loci. With the intense trainings he has done, this is feasible I think.

    I love the training settings. It is a simple room with a table and pens and papers. You can see they are dead serious about the competitions.

  • That’s very interesting — smashing world records with a person-action system…

    Do you understand Japanese? I’m wondering if there are any other interesting tips hidden in there…

  • It is not a person action system. It is a simple system. He has only 100 images for each 2 digits. He then combine the 2 images at one point. It is not like Dominic’s system but more like Ben’s system where his 2 images interact with each other in certain order. There are no actions involved.

    It is with sheer practise that he pushed the boundaries of his system.

    I got the gist of his system from the little japanese I know.

  • Very interesting. I’m having trouble with that kind of system (100 plain items) because the images keep repeating. Maybe I need some intensive practice. 🙂

  • Wang is using a 2 digit system and all the codes are written by himself in his post. No person – action theory.

  • ,,and not a five digit chinese system”

    – Wtf is a five digit chinese system? A system with 100.000 images? Or something like PO, PVO, etc.