The Memory Techniques Wiki

I’ve added a Memory Techniques Wiki to the site. The idea is to build a comprehensive, community-written guide to memory systems.

The Wiki is the very early stages of development, but I’ll add more content soon. Feel free to jump in and edit pages. The first category of articles is on Mnemonic Systems. Some of the content was jump-started with Wikipedia content, but the pages still need a lot of editing to make them really useful.

Here’s a sample page of how I picture the Wiki working–a compilation of useful techniques in one place.

I hope the Wiki will eventually be a useful resource for people who are learning about memory techniques!


  • Great initiative!

    I didn’t know about Ron White’s memory techniques. I know he uses PAO for cards and numbers but I didn’t know about faces. Looks like a good method.

  • @Yan:
    I tried to find a link to a list of White’s images for common first names (approx. 200 each for common American male and female names). I copied the names and can post them to the forum if you want. Dean Vaughn had a list of thousands first and last name “audionyms” in his book “The Art of Remembering Names” but if I haven’t been able to locate this book (I believe it was published ithe 1980’s). I have found 5 libraries in the U.S. who have this book and plan to try to get it through inter-library loan.

    I believe having pre-memorized images is better than creating an image on the fly, kind of like creating images for numbers on the fly like Harry Lorayne. To give you an example from Dean Vaughn. His audionym for Sally is Salad. His audionym for Harris is hairy. So Sally Harris who be an image of a salad with hair or hairy salad (disgusting and memorable). Vaughn says while a lot of memory techniques suggest picking out a particular feature he is against that and says to take in the whole person.

  • I’m going to keep adding techniques to the Wiki as I read more books and find more info.

    There is Wikipedia, but the articles aren’t written well and sometimes the editors delete good information.

    It would be great to see some examples. You could post them in the Wiki or in the Forum. I think Ron also said he uses a salad image for Sally.