Update: Vienna and Budapest

I arrived in Europe a few days ago and spent some time in Vienna and Budapest. I’m so jetlagged that I’ve literally been passing out in the middle of conversations for the past few days and have trouble sleeping past 5:30am.

I wonder how memory athletes deal with jetlag when flying to competitions in places like China. Wikipedia says that it takes about one day to recover for each time zone crossed, and I think that is probably accurate. Read more

Two Nights in Budapest

I’ve been traveling north and just reached Budapest. Tomorrow I’ll be in Slovakia for the Esperanto meeting.

I’ll catch up with the site soon, but will be busy with the Esperanto course for the next week. It the meantime, here is a photo from the Balkans, somewhere on the way from Skopje, Macedonia to Belgrade, Serbia: Read more

Northern Greece

Here are a few photos from the trip through Northern Greece. I’m memorizing Esperanto vocabulary while traveling. I’m hoping to be able to have basic conversations in Esperanto by August 7th, possibly with the aid of Slivovica. (That will be fewer than 3 weeks of active study.)

I’ll catch up on the Forum early next week… Read more

2011 Lernu Meetup in Slovakia

I’m really behind on my plan to learn Esperanto. My work just takes up too much time. (A problem that I’m trying to fix at the moment.)

La verda stelo


The positive side of not having seriously worked on Esperanto for more than a few days means I can test myself. I have until July 30th to memorize vocabulary and grammar. Then one week of immersion and classes at the Lernu Meeting in Slovakia. I’ll see where I am by that point. Read more

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