The Town of Ioulis: Simonides’ Birthplace

After I arrived on the island of Kea (Ceos) last night, I learned that the buses don’t run on the island until June, so I couldn’t get to the campground unless I wanted to pay $60 round-trip for a taxi. I decided to stay one extra night at the hotel and visit Ioulia, birthplace of Simonides of Ceos.

I ended up walking the 5.5 km up to Ioulis today, checking out the archaeological museum (no photos allowed), and making a quick memory journey. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the famous lion statue that must have been there when Simonides was young. The girl at the cafe pointed me in a direction and said there was only one road to the lion, but it turned into the typical maze of paths and stairs that are found in the Cyclades, and it was getting late. Read more

Simonides of Ceos

Roman legend claims that Simonides of Ceos was the inventor of the method of loci where large amounts of data can be remembered in order by placing images that represent the data into mental locations or journeys. (The actual origin of the technique goes far back into prehistory though — read The Memory Code for the full story.)

I was in the Greek Islands last summer and tried to visit his birthplace on Kea, but due to a Greek holiday I couldn’t find a ferry from Athens. I’m planning on visiting Kea next summer to make a memory journey in his hometown of Ioulis.
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