How to Create Anki Flashcards from Webpage Tables

Anki is a free, open-source flash card program. There is a lot of useful information scattered around Wikipedia and other websites that would make great flashcards, but it isn’t always easy to get that data into Anki.

I learned a way to extract table data from webpages, and realized that it could be used to make flashcards. I’ve recorded a screencast below and also written out the instructions underneath the video. Read more

Esperanto: “The Secret of a Wonderful Memory”

Yesterday, I went to the local Esperanto meeting for the San Francisco Bay Area Esperanto group. It was at the headquarters of Esperanto USA. A large section of the office was dedicated to storing books and other Esperanto merchandise that they ship from their online store. It was really nice to see that many Esperanto books in one place.

I bought some of the products and was surprised that one of the magazines had an article about the Major System — in Esperanto! Read more