Brainstorming a Full 10,000-image Mnemonic System

This post is a brainstorm about how a 10,000-image mnemonic system might look. I’ve created a script that displays all of the assignments. (The link is below.) It’s based on my existing systems, so it wouldn’t be difficult to expand, except for the unimaginable time commitment of creating and maintaining 10,000+ images — something that I will likely never have time for. I built the script on request, and decided to post the explanation here in the blog. Read more

More on Four-digit Mnemonic Number Systems

I just saw that Ben posted a blog post about his progress with a four-digit number systems:

And then there’s the continuing dilemma of the four-digit number system. I have a nagging doubt that after all the effort of creating it, it’ll turn out to be unusable and I’ll have wasted a lot of time and made myself even worse at memorising numbers than I was in the first place.

Simon Reinhard also left a comment about his four-digit system.  He may be the first example of someone putting a four-digit system to use at the highest level of competition. (He holds the world record in speed cards.) Read more

Thoughts on Expanding to a 10,000 Image Mnemonic System

Yesterday, I wrote down some thoughts on phonetic memory systems. The main part of my system is made up of 2,688 one-syllable words that I think of as a kind of artificial language.

A number like 211614127 is pronounced “NIT-BIR-TUK”. The artificial word, NIT, means Magneto, BIR is beer, and TUK is toucan. The reason behind the one-syllables is explained in the previous post. Basically, some cultures apparently have a greater short term memory capacity because their numbers can be pronounced more quickly. Read more

A 4-Digit System for Memorizing Numbers

A few days ago, I wrote a post about a comparison I did of different memory systems when I was deciding on which memory system to use.  I went with the 3-digit Ben System for a few different reasons. For decimal digits, having 1,000 images seemed like a good balance between compressing data and manageability.  A 4-digit system with 10,000 images would compress more digits into each locus but seems like it would be difficult to develop and use in practice.
Read more