The 2013 Slovenian and Italian Memory Competitions

Here is a summary of the 2013 Slovenian and Italian Memory Championships.

2013 Slovanian Memory Championship

The Slovenian Memory Championship took place on March 16th — the same day as the 2013 USA Memory Championship. There wasn’t much news about it available online until after the event was over, but here are the top-scoring Slovenian competitors:

  1. Petra Vogrinec
  2. Marko Korenjak
  3. Gregor Lakner

The top ranked competitors in the Open event were from Germany:

  1. Christian Schäfer
  2. Boris Konrad
  3. Annalena Fischer

2013 Italian Memory Championship

The Italian competition was broadcast live on ustream, so there will probably be footage available on YouTube later. The winner of the Italian Open was Johannes Mallow, and Mara Bresciani is the Italian Memory Champion.

The competitors

2013 Italian Memory Championship

I don’t have a list of all the winners yet, but some of the world records broken were:

  • Binary Digits: Johannes Mallow memorized 975 binary digits in five minutes. Jonas von Essen and Ola Kåre Risa also broke the current world record with 962 and 940 binary digits respectively.
  • Random Words: Boris Konrad broke the world record with 119 random words memorized in five minutes. Simon Reinhard also broke the previous world record with 118 words.

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Update: The scores have been posted here.