Site Updates

Just a quick note about a couple of updates to this website:

I added more memory sites to the blogroll. If I’ve missed any good websites, let me know and I’ll add them.

I created RSS feeds for the different sections of the website.  The RSS feeds can be found in the sidebar.  I’m hoping that the forum and wiki will become more active over time. There are already many interesting comments on the blog, so I made a link to the comment RSS feed also.

Sidebar feeds

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  • Great sites!

    Btw you missed the link for Phil Chamber’s site. 😉

    Hopefully I’ll have my blog one day on your blogroll! 🙂

  • Thanks, I just fixed it. I also started categorizing the links.

    Everyone should have a memory blog! 🙂

    The easiest way is on Or if you have a server, has more features…

  • I’ve got a server on hostgator but I’m too lazy to create a blog. Besides, you nab the only interesting domain name remaining! :p

    Well I’ll get down to it pretty soon, seeing how you and Nelson are improving via your blog and how all the grandmasters have a site.

  • One idea is to use your own name for the domain name. One of my other blogs is on — but I moved the memory content here because the other site is supposed to be more about technology.