Moonwalking with Einstein Movie Rights Bought by Columbia

According to IMDB, Columbia has bought the rights to the Moonwalking with Einstein movie.

Adaptations of original pieces of literature are about as daring as things get in Hollywood of late, so the news that Columbia Pictures have acquired the rights to a marginal best-seller comes as a real surprise.

Only a “marginal” bestseller? It was #2 on Amazon last I checked.

EDIT: the original source of the information is Columbia chairman, Doug Belgrad, on the Moonwalking with Einstein movie:

“This is a very special book which transcends the already fascinating subject of memory. By explaining in personal and entertaining fashion a great deal about how our brains work, Joshua has written a book that sheds light on how memory is connected to humanity….”

The latest movie information, according to the NY Times:

  • Director: Mike White
  • Producers: Matt Tolmach, Mike White, Ben LeClair
  • Studio: Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, Paramount Pictures
  • Production Company: Rip Cord Productions

It looks like Moonwalking with Einstein will be a major movie. I hope that it helps popularize memory techniques.

Moonwalking with Einstein


  • I hope I’m featured in it 😀

  • That would be great for the movie: US memory champion climbs Everest…

  • There’s your possible solution to increasing popularity, Josh. An entertaining movie that draws in a younger audience and their parents will increase memory sports popularity exponentially.

  • I wonder who’ll play Ed Cooke? :p

  • Humm. I read your book. Very good! Then I looked up person-action-object and Bobs your uncle. Now a movie would be most intriguing. Anyway, thanks for the awesome book. I know it’s pretty high on I got it on my Kindle. Hope you follow up with the book. Best of luck

  • @woodrow
    I’m not sure if Joshua Foer is going to read this page, but you could send him a message on Twitter:

  • You mean IMDB Josh? 😉
    I love your website.
    Congratulations from a French reader.
    It’s time for us to organize a French championship!

  • Thanks… just fixed the typo. 🙂

    Let me know when there is a French Championship. I’ll try to go. 🙂

  • I’ll let you know definitely 😉