Memory Competition Results: Mongolia and North Germany

Here are some of the results from the two memory competitions that took place on April 13th:

Initial results from the 2013 Mongolian Memory Championship:

Mongolian Memory Champion : Namuuntuul Bat-Erdene with the overall points 4432 has memorized 38 names and faces, 525 binary numbers, 38 words, 580 numbers (15 minutes), 119 cards (10 minutes), 240 numbers (speed), 40 dates, 176 images, 26 spoken numbers, and a deck of cards in 1:10.

Andy Fong also posted an update on Twitter:

There is an article in German about the North German Memory Competition.

I will post links to the official scores as soon as they are posted.

Update: Jennifer Goddard posted a summary:

Gold Namuuntuul BAT-ERDENE 4432 Junior Female
Silver Tsogbadrakh SAIKHANBAYAR 4298 Adult Male
Bronze Sengesamdan ULZIIKHUTAG 4179 Adult Male
4th Bat-Erdene TSOGOO 3352 Junior Male
5th Ganbayar BAT-ULZII 3001 Adult Male

Ms Namuuntuul BAT-ERDENE score of 4432 puts her in the Top 50 of World Rankings in her first official event

See the complete scores here.