Collecting Mnemonic Images from Verdi

Last night I went to see Verdi’s Aida in San Francisco. A few of my images come from characters in Aida including Amneris, Radames, Ramfis, and Verdi himself. I tried to use the opportunity to further imprint the images into my mind.

Giuseppe Verdi

874 = Verdi

The opera was full of spectacular and emotional visual images. The backdrop of the judgement scene depicted a giant Eye of Horus with rays descending through it. Light was shone on the back to cast a pattern of shadows on the front of the stage where Amneris stood. The judgment took place behind the backdrop with Radames visible through the Eye.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

In the triumphal scene, Radames arrived on a giant blue elephant that looked like it was made of silk. Shining gold flakes fell down from above, falling unnaturally slowly.

Another stunning visual effect was when Radames was lowered into the dark tomb in a cage, with a strong spotlight on each side that created two shadows that moved towards each other as the cage descended.

Here’s the video that I used to create my #32 — Amneris as played by Dolora Zajick. I think her object (for PAO) will be the silk headdress and her action might be “pleading with” (starts about 6:15 in the video).

I would make Amneris’ action “singing,” but that is Otis Redding’s (#10) action.

Eye of Horus © Jeff Dahl under Creative Commons License