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Chris 20 Oct 2021

Great list. I'm making the jump to Android next week and your list will be very helpful.

Here are a few useful apps I have on iOS.

  1. Cut the Deck This simply displays a playing card on your screen and when you touch the card, a new one will appear. It is very nice for running through images you might have for cards and practicing linking them together. I use it to refresh my PAO system whenever I have down time.

  2. Calculate Pi Nice little apps that's useful for refreshing your memory of pi (or allowing you to show others how well you've learned pi).

  3. MemChamp A dedicated app for competitively memorizing playing cards. It tracks your speed and accuracy for maximum efficiency.

  4. World Geography Challenge A drag and drop quiz of countries around the world.

In addition to apps, I've found these two websites immensely useful:

  1. Sporcle Terrific quiz site. This is where I learned the countries and capitals of the world. Always good for a review as well.

  2. Remember Names Game This is the single best way to practice memorizing names without needing to find new groups of 100 people or so every day. I have yet to find a better name memory trainer online.


zaerer 20 Oct 2021

Imageprinter is a great app. I install it, and change the options to:

->File format: pdf ->multiple pages.

With this, when I am doing a research. I just print the pages using the imageprinter "virtual printer".

Later I just read the generated pdf files. ;)

David Sibley

David Sibley 20 Oct 2021

In terms os apps Memrise is fantastic run by Ed Cooke and Greg Detre\on www.memrise,com.

The app is available for the iphone. Reading your blog with great interest.


Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 20 Oct 2021

Memrise is great. I'm hoping that they make an Android version soon.


Christopher 20 Oct 2021

The memory ladder app looks awesome, but is not on iphone-myiphone isnt jb'd! will the mnemotechnics app be similiar?

What will be on the mnemotechnics app? really excited about it starting to really get into the memory thing now!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 20 Oct 2021

The Mnemotechnics App will be different. More information soon... :)


bernie 20 Oct 2021

Is Anki or Flashcards in general the best way to memorize numbers? lists?

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen 20 Oct 2021

Numbers: a combination of a number system and the method of loci

Lists: the method of loci

See the Getting Started page for a study plan. If you have questions after checking out the wiki, ask them in the forum and we'll do our best to answer them. :)

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