Memorizing English Grammar

Here’s a quick example of how I’m applying my phonetic system towards memorizing things in daily life.

I’ve been reading up on grammar, because I write a lot but have forgotten a lot of grammar rules. One thing that was still causing problems for me was lie, lay, lain, laid, lying, and laying.

The rules are:

  • lie lay lain – this means to recline.
  • lay laid laid — this means to place an object somewhere

All of these words perfectly fit my phonetic system, so they are easy to memorize:

  • lie –> 55 –> Airplane
  • lay –> 58 –> Wolf
  • lain –> 582 –> Lois Lane

I strung those images together into a story that involves reclining.

The other three became an image of a wolf that laid a lei on a mirror:

  • lay –> 58 –> Wolf
  • laid –> 8♦ K♥ –> no image yet, but I use “lei’d” – from the tourist T-shirts that say “I got lei’d in Hawaii”
  • laid –> I use an image of a mirror (image modifier) to indicate a double image.

The gerund is phonetically the same as the present tenses:

  • lie -> lying (“I’m lying down.”)
  • lay -> laying (“I’m laying the sheet on the bed.”)