“You’re Going to Play Cards in Las Vegas, Right?”

When I tell people that my hobby is memorizing things like numbers and cards, my impression has been that they think it’s so strange that they don’t know what to say. The other day I had a different experience though.

I had memorized a deck of cards while waiting for the subway. By the time I got on the train I started recalling the cards by slowly turning them over one-by-one. A kid, who was about 10-years-old, was standing next to me and staring at me and the cards. Finally he asked, “are you a magician?”

I said, “no, I’m memorizing cards.”

“Why are you memorizing cards?”

The mother jumped in, “you’re going to play cards in Las Vegas, right?”

I said, “hehe… no, I’m training for a memory competition.”

The boy asked, “what’s the next card?”

“King of clubs… 8 of hearts… 10 of hearts… Ace of diamonds… 10 of spades… 4 of clubs…” by this time the whole family was watching.

The kid was genuinely interested. He wanted to know more about the competition, but I had to transfer to another train.

So, I think I figured out a better way to break the news to people that I spend a large amount of my free time memorizing things: just demonstrate something practical and not too crazy. (Don’t let people know you’re trying to memorize thousands of binary digits.)

Teaching kids how to memorize cards as a way to promote memory techniques — I think there is potential there. 🙂

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