Memorable Image Combinations and Placements

I’ve noticed that certain combinations of images are so memorable that I carry them around with me for a long time after I’ve used them.  Also, sometimes the placement of a certain image is so vivid that I associate it with a single locus.



Memorable Combinations

Some examples of image combinations that have stuck with me are:

  • animal tracks leading out the front door of a cafe — a grizzly bear cub with a tank turret strapped to its head firing seahorses…
  • an elk using an abs circle machine
  • a giant woodpecker inserting a card into an ATM machine and withdrawing a plate of imam bayildi

Images That Become Associated with Loci

My image for number 72 is a Yuki-onna — a ghost from Japanese folklore who wanders through snowstorms, freezing lost travelers.  It was such a vivid image the first time I placed it, Yuki-onna now has an attachment to the parking lot where I first placed the image.

If I think about “where is the otter?” (14) it’s on a street corner in Amherst, Massachusetts, leaping onto a stream of abacus beads that are falling off of a broken abacus, and riding the beads down the street to the next locus.

The image combinations and placements that stick with me the longest seem to be ones that are especially bizarre, funny, or even chilling. Actions with intriguing motivations can also be sticky.