Journey to Crete

I’ve been traveling for about two weeks and am very behind on most of my memorization projects.

Caveland Hostel, Santorini

My cave on Santorini

I left the island of Paros and spent some time back on Naxos camping out. To catch the cheap ferry to Crete, I had to stop on Santorini for one night.  There is a great cave-hostel on Santorini that just opened this summer that I highly recommend checking out if traveling in Greece.

I arrived on Crete two nights ago and am just getting settled.

I started working on Greek vocabulary memorization again. I’m separating verbs and nouns into groups and listing them on papers that I can fold up and carry in my pocket.

I don’t write the definitions down, only the Greek words. If I can’t remember the definition, I look it up in the book again.

A photo of my lists of verbs is posted below. The mnemonic images for each list go in three different parks in Amherst, Massachusetts.

List of Greek verbs

Lists of Greek verbs

The vocabulary memorization doesn’t give me the ability to speak or understand Greek, but I often overhear familiar words in conversations and song lyrics, and I think my recognition of the words will speed up as I hear them in more contexts. As someone mentioned in the forum, some types of information have to cook in the brain for a little while…