How to Join Our Google Plus Hangouts

We hold live discussions about memory techniques on Google Plus Hangouts. The schedule can be found here.

To join our Google Plus meetups, login to Google+ and go to my Google+ Profile [expired link removed — Google+ was discontinued] at the scheduled times and you’ll be able to join the hangout. There is a limit of 10 attendees at a time, so be sure to arrive early. If it’s full, just wait a bit and someone may leave the discussion.

All levels of experience are welcome, including beginners.

How to join our Google Plus Hangouts

  • Webcam: If you want to use your webcam, please also use headphones in order to reduce background noise.
  • Voice: If you don't have a webcam and only want ts chat with voice, please also use headphones to reduce background noise.
  • Text chat: If you only want to use text chat or watch, please mute your microphone to reduce background noise.



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