Goodreads Choice Awards

Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein is a nominee for’s Best Nonfiction category. I think it would be great if a book about memory techniques were to win. If you have a moment to vote, click here.

One comment

  • There are several books on your list of books that you have not read yet that I consider are excellent. The books are listed below:

    I have read Learn to Remember by Dominic O’Brien and thought it was excellent. I liked his writing style and his comprehensive presentation of memory training throughout history.

    I have read quite a few books by Tony Buzan. His books are excellent. He has listed 1000 words for the Major system (in his book Use Your Memory I thiknk), He also developed the SEM CUBED MASTER MEMORY MATRIX. This expands Major system to over 100,000 pegwords.

    Harry Lorrayne’s books are very good. I have read a few of his earlier books.

    Kenneth L Higbee’s book Your Memory is also very good.

    A few books you do not have on your list are also excellent. I will list them below:

    The Magic Of A Mighty Memory by Chesley V. Young is excellent, and is very comprehensive on many of the memory methods available.

    Marilyn Vos Savant has put out a book on a comprehensive program to develop your memory. She has one of the highest IQ’s recorded.

    There is a small book called The Memory Key by Dr Fiona McPherson. This is a supberb book on memory training from a psychologists’ viewpoint describing how the mind remembers. It covers short term memory, long term memory, memory strategies for all different types of information you want to remember. It explains that all data that you want to remember is not all the same. You need to use different strategies to learn the information. Learning a poem needs different techniques than remembering pictures. Which needs different techniques to remember sequences of numbers.