Getting Ready for Ireland

Temple Bar Dublin

Temple Bar Dublin

I haven’t had much time to practice lately because I’m getting ready for a trip to Ireland in early February.

I’m definitely not going to be ready for the USA Memory Championship at this rate. 🙂

In my few minutes of free time each day, I try to read a little bit of The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force. I will write a full book review as soon as I’m done.

I sometimes refer to my memory training as brain surgery, because I look at it as the intentional changing of the brain’s physical structure. I’m intentionally trying to hack my brain so that it instinctively reacts to the world in a different way.

When I saw a book called Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force, I immediately picked it up, because that is exactly what I mean when I refer to memory training as a type of brain surgery.

The book is good. I will write a full review soon.


  • I’m reading “Brain Rules” by John Mendina. It’s interesting. Here’s his website, which can be substituted for reading the book:

    I saw on Ben Pridmore’s blog that his book is now available on and said he’d send a free copy to anyone who emails him.

  • Thanks for mentioning Ben’s book — I just bought it a minute ago. (Happy to pay for it.)

    I’ll check out the other website after I finish reading Ben’s book… 🙂

  • I bought Ben’s book and he even sent me the book when I asked him on his email.

    You won’t find anything new. He already shared his method on the net. I’m glad to pay for it though.

    The trivia is awesome.

    @Dan: I bought the book on your recommendation. Looks awesome. I’m going to check it out tonight. Thanks.