European Trip

Next week I’m headed back to Europe. I plan on spending a lot of time training on memory. If I am able to, I will fly to London for the UK Open Memory Championships in August.


I’m also hoping to have time to catch up on replying to posts in the memory forum soon. The website is growing faster than I have been able to keep up.

I’m planning on doing something on this trip related to memory techniques that I think will be interesting. I will post more details within a couple of weeks.




Yan 07 Dec 2021

Hope to see you at the UK Open Josh: :)


Josh 07 Dec 2021

That would be great. I'm going to do my best to go there. :) I'm starting in Greece, and working my way through the Balkans to Slovakia for an Esperanto meetup. Then I have to find a way to London. I should be able to get a flight back to the US from Amsterdam. Leaving for the airport in 45 minutes!


Cole 07 Dec 2021

Sounds good, Josh. Safe travels!

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