Dominic O’Brien Demonstrates the Journey Method

Dominic O’Brien demonstrates the Journey Method on YouTube for a company called Cottages4you:


  • Hmm, it’s good to see Dominic is still alive, he really made passionate about the whole mnemonics,, too bad there’s hardly any youtube’s or anything from him. Enjoyed is his last book! and bought nearly every book he published!

  • Thanks for this… I definately know that happy holiday memories make me happy. I think of my family reunion in Trinidad and Tobago. I’ve linked music and place for my best bike rides.

  • Hi all, if you have any questions for Dom we’re hosting a live Q&A with him on Twitter this Friday (25 May 2012) at 12pm GMT. The theme is creating holiday memories, but feel free to ask any questions! You can use the Twitter hashtag #DOM to post your questions now. Thanks!

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  • This is excellent! Thanks for the note.