Dominic O’Brien Answers Questions on Twitter

Eight-time World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien, will be answering questions on Twitter on Friday, 25 May 2012, through cottages4you. The event will take place at 12 noon GMT.

The theme will be about creating holiday memories, but they said that people can ask any question.

To post a question, post a message on Twitter with the hashtag #DOM now. Read more about the event here and here:

To learn more about hashtags see the page about’s own hashtag, #mnem.


  • Whenever I visit my mother, I always try to do some fun activities centered around places I love. I hope there will be a transcript because I’m working a double shift tomorrow. I wonder what he would suggest for nurses who care for 41 patients at once!

  • Is this what memory champs end up doing, working for or owning cottage rental businesses? That in itself is pretty interesting!

    I wish it would be a Google Hangout. Answering questions in 140 characters seems impractical.

    Thanks for sharing this!