Creating Presentation Slides of My Mnemonic Images

I’ve started putting my mnemonic images into OpenOffice presentation slides. I prefer this method to Mnemosyne, because I know all the images already, but just want to get stronger visual impressions.

I try to make all of my image photos face to the right, because I generally order the images from left to right or top to bottom in each locus. Example:

Slides of mnemonic images

Slides of mnemonic images

My system isn’t PAO; I just place three images in each locus . The actions don’t represent numbers.

Some of the slides have multiple photos where they show more about an image’s personality:

Slides of mnemonic images 2

Sorting view

I just finished all images from 0-9 and 00-99 today. Three-digit images (full Ben System) are next.


  • Wouldn’t this mess up your mental images? It’s highly unlikely that those are the images you origional thought of in your mind.

  • They actually strengthened them a lot. My original images were a bit vague because they were based on old visual memories.

    Now about 2,800 more slides to go…

  • Don’t use OpenOffice. Try It will change your life. I’m halfway through paramedic school and that’s what I’ve been using to create my memory palaces.

  • I’ve been experimenting with Prezi. Do you have any Prezi presentations that you would share? (as examples)