Changing a Number’s Image

There have been times when I’ve wanted to change the image for a number, but I’ve found that the associations can get burned so deeply into my brain it’s difficult to break the association.

To change a number’s image, I make the old image interact with the new image. For example, if the old image is Andre Agassi and the new image is an At-At, and I can’t get Andre Agassi out of my head when I see the number 11, I make Andre Agassi hit the At-At with his tennis racket.  Eventually the image gets converted and I can jump straight to the At-At.

Unfortunately, I think it’s very difficult to completely disassociate an image from a number once it has been burned into place.  If I see a picture of a certain person that I don’t like to think about, I still think of the number 72 even though the number 72 is now a different image.