Back from Ireland

I just got back to California from a trip to Dublin and Belfast. I didn’t have any dedicated time to practice memory techniques, but I tried to practice on every number that I came across during the day — usually telephone numbers. Read more

Stopped the MediaWiki Spam

I’ve been fighting the wiki spammers for a couple of days, and finally stopped them. It seems to be a bot that somehow bypasses reCAPTCHA on the wiki software when registering usernames. I think it doesn’t break the CAPTCHA, but somehow found a hole in the software. Once the bot has a user account, it can post on most wikis without seeing the CAPTCHA again.

I stopped the spam by preventing anyone from registering. All wiki edits have to be anonymous for now, until I find a long-term solution. If anyone wants to edit the wiki under a username, let me know and I will create a username for you.

Battling Spammers

For anyone who has been subscribing to the Wiki RSS feed, sorry about the massive spam attack. I’ve installed some more spam protection, and hopefully that will stop the Wiki spam.

You can subscribe to all of the RSS feeds with one click here. (The spam was already deleted, and should clear out of the RSS/Atom feed within a few hours)

Battling Spammers

Battling Spammers

UPDATE: Sorry — the spammers are still getting through. I’m working on a solution.

UPDATE: I think it is fixed now, but I won’t know for another few hours.

UPDATE: The spam didn’t stop, so I’ve tried something else. I’ve disabled user registrations, and required CAPTCHAs for every edit. It looks like a bot that might have found a way to bypass reCAPTCHA on Mediawiki.

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