Brainstorming a Full 10,000-image Mnemonic System

This post is a brainstorm about how a 10,000-image mnemonic system might look. I’ve created a script that displays all of the assignments. (The link is below.) It’s based on my existing systems, so it wouldn’t be difficult to expand, except for the unimaginable time commitment of creating and maintaining 10,000+ images — something that I will likely never have time for. I built the script on request, and decided to post the explanation here in the blog. Read more

Number of Images to Place Per Locus, and Other Experiments

Here is an update on some of my experiments:

Images per Locus

I’ve been experimenting with placing two images per locus instead of three. I’m finding that it’s easier and faster with two. Even if I make mistakes on where the pair goes in the memory journey, I usually get the pairs matched correctly.

In the Ben System, three images are placed per locus. Apparently, Wang Feng is using two. I think I’m going to use two until I improve, and then I will try adding a third. Read more

How to Find More Images for the Ben System

For many people, one serious obstacle to learning the Ben System is finding images to fit all 2,704 possible combinations. Today I came up with a way to fill in my missing images.

2,704 Images

In the Ben System, each pair of cards is combined into an image.

Here is an example pair of cards:

Card Pair for the Ben System

The first consonant is made by combining the two suits. Club-spades is an “n” sound.


Next, the first card value becomes a vowel (5 = “ai”), and the final card value becomes a consonant (Ace = “t”). My phonetic key is here [PDF].

So 5 of clubs and Ace of hearts is “NAIT” or “knight”. Not all combinations are that easy though. Read more

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