2011 Lernu Meetup in Slovakia

I’m really behind on my plan to learn Esperanto. My work just takes up too much time. (A problem that I’m trying to fix at the moment.)

La verda stelo


The positive side of not having seriously worked on Esperanto for more than a few days means I can test myself. I have until July 30th to memorize vocabulary and grammar. Then one week of immersion and classes at the Lernu Meeting in Slovakia. I’ll see where I am by that point. Read more

A Brief Description of My Mnemonic System for Sounds

In a few previous blog posts I’ve mentioned my mnemonic system for sounds. I’ve posted the mnemonic key online before, but the chart isn’t really self-explanatory.

The basic idea is that my mnemonic system for numbers and cards has a strict pronunciation method. Each one of the 2800+ images has a one syllable pronunciation. If I encounter nonvisual sounds in words or poetry, I have an large vocabulary of images that can be hooked onto the sounds. Read more

The Pimsleur Language Method

Lately, I’ve been really busy with work, and haven’t done as much with memory as I wish I were doing.  I’m about to leave to Hawaii for a week, though I’m not sure how much free time I will have.

Though I haven’t had time to work on memorizing Portuguese vocabulary, I’ve been listening to the Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese CDs. The Pimsleur System is very interesting. I think they have the best audio materials for learning languages that I’ve come across so far. Read more

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