How to Learn Esperanto

Over the past few days I’ve started learning more Esperanto again. Every day, I read some Esperanto, watch some videos, and/or listen to podcasts. Now that my phone has updated to Anki 2, I will get back to memorizing more vocabulary.

I’d like to see where another month gets me with the language. I can read Esperanto, but still need work on listening comprehension, speaking, and writing.

If you’ve been thinking about learning Esperanto but just haven’t gotten around to yet, consider studying with me for the next four weeks. We could create a small chatroom and discuss our progress — all in Esperanto, of course. 🙂

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Esperanto: “The Secret of a Wonderful Memory”

Yesterday, I went to the local Esperanto meeting for the San Francisco Bay Area Esperanto group. It was at the headquarters of Esperanto USA. A large section of the office was dedicated to storing books and other Esperanto merchandise that they ship from their online store. It was really nice to see that many Esperanto books in one place.

I bought some of the products and was surprised that one of the magazines had an article about the Major System — in Esperanto! Read more

Creating a Memory Palace for German Vocabulary and Grammar

After 12 hours of German classes* and a few 10-mile walks around Vienna, I think I have come up with a mnemonic system for remembering both the gender and pluralization of German nouns.

I spent a week in my German class before attempting to create a memory town. I wanted to understand the structure of the language a little before starting to memorize things.

For example, one of the difficulties of learning German is that nouns have three genders and about 12 ways to pluralize the nouns. All of that has to be memorized for each word. Read more

Update: Vienna and Budapest

I arrived in Europe a few days ago and spent some time in Vienna and Budapest. I’m so jetlagged that I’ve literally been passing out in the middle of conversations for the past few days and have trouble sleeping past 5:30am.

I wonder how memory athletes deal with jetlag when flying to competitions in places like China. Wikipedia says that it takes about one day to recover for each time zone crossed, and I think that is probably accurate. Read more

Northern Greece

Here are a few photos from the trip through Northern Greece. I’m memorizing Esperanto vocabulary while traveling. I’m hoping to be able to have basic conversations in Esperanto by August 7th, possibly with the aid of Slivovica. (That will be fewer than 3 weeks of active study.)

I’ll catch up on the Forum early next week… Read more

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