2011 World Memory Championship Dates and Info

The dates for the 2011 World Memory Championships are December 6 to 11. It will be in China again, but in Beijing instead of Guangzhou.

Here is the schedule that was sent out:

  • Sunday  4th: Competitors arrive
  • Monday 5th: Competitors arrive
  • Tuesday 6th: Tour of competition venue. Media interviews. Questions and Answers for competitors
  • Wednesday 7th: Day One of Competition.
  • Thursday 8th: Day Two of Competition.
  • Friday 9th: Day Three of Competition
  • Saturday 10th: Memory Carnival. Closing Ceremony
  • Sunday 11th: Full day tour of Beijing

Click here for the disciplines and rules.

See also, the official World Memory Championships website for updates.

Is anyone here going? I’m going to try to make it, but I’m scheduled to speak at a hostel conference in Vancouver that starts on December 12th, so it will be close. I would have to find a cheap flight from Beijing to Vancouver on the 11th for it to work.

UPDATE: The Facebook event page is here.